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"I enjoy meeting people and experiencing new places. Exposure to different cultures, traditions and my training as a visual artist contributes to the evolution
of the way that I see.

Keeping in mind that we are connected
to all living things, my focus is on our similarities as it relates to the collective whole while giving prominence to our own uniqueness. 


Grounded in a legacy that honors all those who came before, my photo collages give me the opportunity to convey what I imagine."


– Christle Rawlins-Jackson



Photos and collages have been featured in exhibitions and in publications that illustrate as well as document promotional, news, and editorial events.

Photo Repair

Wondering how to fix the rip or stain on a treasured family photo or bring life back into a faded picture? Jåcra Design can help to restore your photos to their original luster.


for more information see Photo Repair


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